Home Remedies For Acne – Treating the Oily Side of Your Complexion

Home Remedies For Acne

Everyone is looking for home remedies for acne because they are so easy and simple to use. But do these home remedies really work? This has resulted in many individuals seeking out how to clear up acne naturally at home. As you read every word from this article, you will begin to see why so many people are turning to the healing powers of nature for relief from acne. The truth is that home remedies for acne can work very well.

There are two most common skin conditions that lead to acne. These are folliculitis and pustules. Both of these conditions produce small red bumps or pimples that become irritated. So, it only makes sense that you would try to find home remedies for acne that can relieve the irritation and pain caused by these conditions.

One of the oldest-known home remedies for acne is honey. Using a teaspoonful of honey on the affected area each night before bed is an effective way to treat both of these conditions. If you are looking for a more powerful acne treatment, you can also add a clove of garlic to the mixture and cover the honey with a cloth to wear as you sleep.

One of the more common ingredients in home remedies for acne is lemon juice and tomato pulp. You simply mix the two ingredients together and apply it to your face nightly. Tomato pulp is also great for treating the skin, using a teaspoon of it on a cotton ball every night before you go to bed. Simply rinse your face off in the morning, using warm water. Apple juice is another popular remedy that uses the natural benefits of apple to treat your skin.

Natural ingredients have long been used by men in order to treat their most respected medical conditions, and aloe vera is no different. Aloe vera has been used as a home remedy for sunburn for many years, and it’s great for healing minor skin abrasions like those caused by acne. Essential oils have been proven to be helpful when applied topically, and one of the most popular natural ingredients for the treatment of acne is tea tree oil. It’s very soothing to the skin, and it helps to fight the bacteria that cause pimples.

There are two home remedies for forehead acne that seem to work the best. The first involves using tomato paste and cinnamon powder to form a paste and then rubbing it onto your forehead before bed. It makes a big difference after a while, even though it may feel a bit strange at first. The second remedy involves taking a tablespoon of coconut oil and rubbing it all over your face in a circular motion. Both of these remedies seem to work wonders as they not only soothe the oily area, but they also help to control the oil production in the area.

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