‘I realized makeup is like painting’

Anyone who dismisses beauty as vain or superficial has clearly never watched Joni Sann’s TikTok tutorials. 

The Los Angeles-based creator (@jonisann) is both an artist and beauty influencer — and sometimes she gets lucky when her knowledge of both realms overlap. 

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“This is how I color correct as an oil painter,” Sann captioned one popular video.

Color correcting is a makeup technique that uses complementary colors to neutralize unwanted colors — like redness or purple — that show up on your face. Sometimes pigmentation can still be seen through makeup, so some people do extra steps to blend the complementary colors in with their foundation or concealer.

Complementary colors, if you remember from elementary school art class, are opposite hues on the color wheel. 

“I have picked the s*** out of my face yesterday, so I thought it would be a really good opportunity to show you guys how I color correct these areas, but without extra foundation over top,” she explained. “I just don’t feel like wearing full-coverage foundation every day, you know?”

Sann zoomed in on some of the pigmentations around her chin and explained that a lot of makeup influencers and artists teach you to counter red spots with green because they are complementary colors. But Sann pointed out that mixing complementary colors will result in the color gray.

“However, just like in painting, if you see dark reds like this, it means there is an excess of blue,” Sann explained. “Human skin tones are usually found in the orange-ish area [of the color wheel], so if you really want to correct these dark spots, all you have to do is find a lighter color [of concealer] and combine it with yellow or orange, depending on the depth of your skin.”

It’s worth noting that Sann does have a lighter complexion, meaning this hack may not work for darker skin tones with darker hyperpigmentation. In the comments, Sann…

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