The 11 Best Paula’s Choice Products

Everyone’s skin is different, and so the best Paula’s Choice products for you will feature ingredients that address your skin’s unique needs, whether you’re looking to tackle acne, brighten your skin, or something else. Pay attention to your skin type when thinking about the products that make the most sense to you: For example, those with dry skin will likely prefer picks that focus on hydration, while those with oily skin may benefit from picks that minimize greasiness, and those with combination skin may prefer a balance of the two. And finally, in order to pick products you’ll actually use, think about where you have space for new products in your skin-care routine and choose the type of product that fits.

Paula’s Choice makes a wide variety of products — all of which are fragrance-, phthalate-, alcohol-, cruelty-, and formaldehyde-free — so whether you’re new to the skincare world or you’re looking to bulk up an existing regimen, you’ll be sure to find great picks from the brand. Consider the following product categories:

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