The 13 Best Acne Patches of 2022

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ICYMI, pimple patches are sooo hot right now.

Thanks to the gorg world of K-beauty (skin care and makeup stuff hailing from South Korea), many brands are pumping out these fierce little patches — and word is they can really help you kiss unexpected/annoying zits goodbye.

We wanted to learn more about acne patches, so we chatted with a couple of dermatologists — Dr. Beth Goldstein, a board certified derm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Dr. Emily Wood, a board certified dermatologist in Austin, Texas — about what kind of acne and which skin types they work best on, which ingredients to look for, and how to use ’em.

Keep reading to get the scoop and check out our list of the most popular pimple stickers.

Here are some important things to consider and some things you may be wondering about when shopping for acne patches.

Determine what type of acne you have

Goldstein tells us acne patches work best for superficial red or pus-filled bumps, including inflammatory papules and open and closed comedones (aka blackheads and whiteheads).

Acne patches might not work well for deep, inflamed cysts since the ingredients are less likely to penetrate that deeply into the skin.

Keep an eye out for these all-star ingredients

A lot of acne patches are 100 percent hydrocolloid, but others are loaded up with other anti-acne or anti-dark-spot ingredients that can give them a serious boost.

Hydrocolloid is best for those pus-filled bumps we mentioned (because they literally suck all the gunk out), but other ingredients can go to work on other types of acne and post-acne woes.

Hydrocolloid gel

When you think “acne patch,” this is prob what you’re thinking of. Wood says almost all acne patches are hydrocolloid gel, which helps speed up wound healing.

The thick protective layer it creates is also ideal for preventing picking and

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