These Brands Are Changing the Way We Treat Acne

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Contrary to popular belief, acne isn’t your skin’s death sentence. Everyone’s faced a hard-to-hide pimple or set of stubborn blackheads before. But few brands act like it. They make acne seem like the end of the world — a condition that kills your confidence, keeps you from seeing friends or dates and damages your skin forever. Traditional brands use messaging that implies your breakout should be a breaking point, where you should panic and your skin should purge. But I’m here to clear the air: Nuclear acne treatments that sear the skin’s surface into submission are no longer the sole way forward.

There’s a new cohort of companies changing not only the way you treat acne, but the way you talk about it, too. Soft Services, Starface, Peace Out, Bevel and SolaWave obviously see acne as a problem but not one you should stress out about — that’ll only exacerbate the issue. This new class of acne treatment brands makes manageable overnight patches that are as playful as they are potent; gentle pore-clearing sheets; high-tech red and blue light wands; creams that cover up while they clear; and serums that repair skin damaged by pimples prior.

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Soft Services

Founded in 2019 by beauty experts Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou, Soft Services is a “targeted” body care company designed to treat a suite of common skin issues: dry skin, keratosis pilaris, irritation, ingrown hairs, discoloration, body acne and beyond. The combination of potent ingredients and custom formulas form create a strong collection of effective products perfect for tough and sensitive skin alike.

Clearing Clay

Soft Services’ Clearing Clay is potent but safe for everyday use — or as a spot treatment or a mask. Simply put, it’s versatile. Using sulfur as its…

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