The 6 Best Facials For Acne Scars, According To Top Estheticians

Acne is one of those pesky skin issues that can occur on any skin type, at any time of the year. And as luck would have it, it can sometimes leaves scars. For women of color particularly, whose skin can be highly melanated, even the smallest of breakouts can leave a discernible mark. For those with lighter complexions, breakouts can result in residual red or brown acne scars. While there are a plethora of topical acne creams, serums, cleansers, and treatments (both over-the-counter and prescribed) that help with acne scars, facials are one of the best ways to rejuvenate the skin, fade blemishes, and eliminate pigmentation and texture issues — for good.

First: Don’t be discouraged if you’re still dealing with lingering marks from breakouts. The majority of acne scarring is really just post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown or red spots) rather than an actual change in texture of the skin. Essentially, when the body sends white blood cells and collagen to repair the acne spot, it also sends melanin — leaving behind a hyperpigmented scar. That’s when your favorite esthetician comes in to help.

“Facials focus on opening the pores by cleansing the skin thoroughly and exfoliating with the proper product to help remove the dead skin,” says Monica Dawidowicz, SHEN Beauty Esthetician. “Facials aid with acne scaring by properly cleaning the skin and removing all impurities to produce brighter, more even and smoother skin.”

Put simply, acne scars are the result of the injury the acne lesion created on the skin. “Inflammation in the skin activates pigment cells to produce melanin, a protective act, which leaves a dark spot in place of the inflammation,” says Sofie Pavitt, licensed esthetician and acne specialist. “Or, if the infected acne lesion is picked at or is a very large type of pimple (such as a cyst or nodule) it can disrupt the skin’s cellular structure which causes a textural scar.”

If you’re struggling to get rid of acne scars,…

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