The Great Advice A Dermatologist Gave Me For My Acne

That’s exactly what Dr Bunting created with her latest launch, Dr Sam’s Flawless Neutralizing Gel, £28. It’s a spot treatment that’s as gentle and hydrating as it is effective, which is why it quickly became my go-to. Formulated with 2% salicylic acid to nix spots, its drying effects are counteracted with buzzy and super hydrating skincare ingredient squalane. Then there’s azelaic acid to reduce both redness and pigmentation, and bakuchiol, a gentle, plant-based alternative to retinol that works to defuse blemish-prone skin. “By balancing the drying effect of the active [in this case, salicylic acid] with hydrating and soothing ingredients, it’s much easier to tolerate,” explains Dr Bunting of the spot treatment. “From a practical point of view, it also allows a breakout to be concealed if needed, as it smooths the skin surface. A dry, flaky blemish is almost impossible to hide as makeup won’t cover it properly.”

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