summer skincare: Change your regular skincare to summer skincare right now

The entire country is going through the worst summer season ever and all of us are desperately waiting for some relief. The change in season is affecting our appetite, health, and most importantly our skin. It is necessary to give your skin the right care depending on the ongoing season. The hot and humid season is sucking the life out of our skin leaving it dehydrated and irritated. The rising temperature and humidity have increased sweat and oil production resulting in clogged pores leading to acne breakouts. Thus, it’s essential to adjust and change your skincare routine keeping the scorching summers in mind.

Popular celebrity dermatologist Dr Geetika Mittal took to her social media handle hand shared important information about the mandatory swaps that one needs to do during summers. In her post she says,”Summer’s calling which means it’s time to switch up your skincare routine. These five swaps promise to keep your skin healthy during hot, humid months.”

Here’s a list of essential skincare changes that you must bring in your summer skincare routine

1. Swap cream-based moisturisers with gel formulas, which are light and won’t clog pores. This will take care of the greesiness that one feels during summer days

2. Choose a foaming cleanser, which deeply cleanses pores and keeps the oil at bay. Keeping you skin squeaky clean is important during summers so a foam based cleanser is better than a cream or oil based cleanser

3.It’s time to check your sunblock expirations. I recommend purchasing a new one every 6 months. Swap your old bottle of sunscreen with a new sweat-proof sunscreen, which works best for people who are outdoors or in water. Make sure it’s SPF 30 or higher.

4.With summer comes strong sun and UV rays, swap your normal body lotion with one that has sun protection.

6.Smoothening hair creams work well in colder times of the year, but when it’s hot and humid, opt for a dry oil. They hydrate the scalp and strands, but won’t weigh hair down.

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