Benefits of Vitamin E for our skin

New Delhi: Pollution, stress, smoke, and inadequate nutrition through diet can all cause many skincare problems and can make the skin age faster. It is a constant task to manage skin care problems like acne, dullness, uneven skin tone, and absence of a healthy glow. Also, it is so tough to figure out what products would work well and give one a happy healthy skin. The answer to this is very simple, one thing that you can’t go wrong with and will take care of all skin woes is Vitamin E.

One might have heard numerous times that Vitamin E is good for the skin. So it is a good idea to adopt Vitamin E-enriched face wash, moisturizers, creams, serums, etc.

Rachit Gupta, CEO, and MD, OxyGlow Cosmetics explains why and how Vitamin E is really good for the skin and how does it help:

1) Vitamin E helps prevent signs of…

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