This Nigerian Man Currently Spends ₦40k – ₦120k Monthly on Skincare

When Conrad was 12, puberty hit him with a face full of acne and led him into the rollercoaster world of skincare. 15 years later, he’s found a steady routine and fully accepted that he’ll probably never have clear skin. 

But just how much does it cost to maintain this manly beauty? 

This is Conrad’s journey of beauty, as told to Steffi O.

I woke up one morning and puberty hit me hard. I was 12 and suddenly had a shit tonne of acne all over my face. It got to a point where my nickname was “Pimples” at school. And I was pretty much the only one going through that phase of puberty in JS2. Everyone else experienced it in JS3 or SS1. 

I tried everything I could to release the hold acne had over my life. My first stop was an Igbo guy who had a cosmetic store near my house. And omo, the things I tried there? The most random cleansers and toners were like ₦700 each. The day I paid ₦3500 for one of the toners, I almost lost it because that was big money in 2007. 

This Nigerian Man Currently Spends ₦40k - ₦120k Monthly on Skincare

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I didn’t even know the difference between a facial wash and a cleanser. I just knew there was something that needed to be on cotton wool, and I applied everything on my face. 

I saved up my daily ₦100 pocket money and collected extra from my uncles. I used these savings to try every kind of ointment I could find from the man’s store. From Royallux to those products with Asian women on their packs — I tried everything. My primary concern was not having those huge-ass pimples anymore.

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In hindsight, I wish I didn’t use all those products. Maybe If I did some research, I would’ve gotten rid of the acne earlier, but who was doing research back in 2007 and 2008? After washing my face with my Dettol or Septol soap (anything with “tol” was my go-to), I kept using the random ointments the man…

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