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The thickness of HDPE Liner Geomembrane

  • 0.75mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 1mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 1.5mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 2mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 2.5mm Thick HDPE Liner
  • 3mm Thick HDPE Liner

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HDPE Liner Roll Sizes

  • 0.75mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 280 meter = 1960 sqm/roll
  • 1mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 210 meter = 1470 sqm/roll
  • 1.5mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 140 meter = 980 sqm/roll
  • 2mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 105 meter = 735 sqm/roll
  • 2.5mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 84 meter = 588 sqm/roll
  • 3mm Thick HDPE Liner Size Width 7 meter x 70 meter = 490 sqm/roll

It is essential to make the base as firm as a rock to ensure durability. Everything depends upon the support. If the support is strong enough to carry the burden, then it seems impossible to experience any damage soon. Therefore for your ease, we have a focus on the strength of our products. It helps you to enjoy the perks of choosing the best quality products. Also, we take pride in serving our customers at UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Oman. I hope to provide them the solution they have been looking for. We make it our duty to cater to our service as their satisfaction is our real reward.

Furthermore, Geomembrane is also available. You can avail the best services under one roof and make your experience worth remembering. If you encounter any confusion or require any help, then you can feel free to contact us. We have a team of professionals that are available to answer your queries. It is a tremendous opportunity for you all to avail the best services under the supervision of the best technical team. Either you can give us a call or visit the office near you. We will be glad to serve you.