Sauna Room Steam Rooms and Sweating Out Toxins

It seems crazy when the weather outside is a bit over one hundred degrees that someone, some sane, would get into a sauna and experience temperatures hovering around one hundred and eighty degrees. Why in the world would someone want to put themselves through such torture? Learn more about sauna room and steam room suppliers in Dubai.

There are a couple of good reasons. First, sitting in high heat relaxes your muscles and can allow you to stretch after a workout. I find that I am more limber while I am in the sauna and perhaps carry over into the “real world” after I climb out of the heat. The next benefit is that sweating gets toxins out of your system. It can help remove chemicals, PCB’s, heavy metals as well as organic compounds. They can also improve micro-circulation because the heat opens up your circulatory system (at least temporarily.)

While I am on the subject of the circulatory system, I will mention that another benefit of regular sauna use is that it can improve your performance if you are involved with endurance sports by increasing your white cell count and the amount of plasma you have in your system. Because of that, you have better oxygen uptake – more carrier cells.

It can also help to reduce stress, as it is very relaxing. Studies have also shown that regular use helps to reduce chronic pains from rheumatoid arthritis. Regular sauna visits can also help battle depression and appetite loss. Pretty amazing to think about all the benefits, yet many people don’t use saunas, especially in the United States. Learn more about sauna room and steam room suppliers in Dubai.

I also want to briefly touch on the difference between a sauna and a steam room. Saunas are generally kept at a higher temperature {anywhere from 180 to 210 degrees (F)} and very low humidity. The humidity generated is from pouring a small amount of water on the rocks, heated by various means. High humidity in a sauna at those temperatures would kill you pretty quickly. You pretty much want to avoid that, generally speaking.

On the other hand, a steam room is high humidity levels and temperatures of around 110 degrees (F) Some proponents of regular heat usage lean either way. I prefer a traditional sauna but enjoy an occasional steam bath as well.

Although there are many pluses for sauna use, you should check with your doctor before jumping into it. It is also generally recommended to ease into sauna use. Start with just a few minutes and extend your time as you feel comfortable with it. Generally speaking, anyone in good health from children to the elderly can benefit from regular sauna usage.